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Copy that competes

Why outsource to an agency when you can work with a fundraising and communications professional? I understand your world and the challenges that come with it. That's why I don't just tell your story, I work with you to find and share it. Because when you choose Written by Jen you know you'll get:

  • A fresh, creative and tailored approach

  • Engaging, memorable content that speaks to your audience 

  • Informed, sourced and accessible narratives

  • Ethical and person-centred storytelling

  • High-quality copy that inspires positive action.

Quote: Jennifer made the whole proces a breeze - taking the time to listen to us, understand our cause and visualise our goals. Black Minds Matter UK
Copywriting services

How Written by Jen can help you

Are you struggling to find the words that bring your work to life? Offering tailored solutions for a range of different mediums, I write words that work for:

Smartphone screen with social media apps

Social media

Content planning,

copy writing and 

panel design.


Create social media

that sparkles 

 -Join the conversation -

- Boost engagement rates -

- Grow your following -

- Build your brand - 

- Rise above the noise - 

Brown notepad with the title 'write ideas'


Fresh and SEO-friendly
content that works for your audience.


Blog content 

that inspires action


- Find your voice - 

- Boost readership -

- Educate and inform - 

- Share stories that inspire -

- Move people to action - 

Typewritten words 'Sharing'


 A person-centred,

ethical approach

to great storytelling.


Find & share stories

to remember

 - Create connections -

- Engage your readers - 

-  Share your impact -

- Recognise your people -

- Inspire social action -


Maginfying glass over cityscape

Case studies

Shine a spotlight on any project and bring your work to life.

Case studies that

make your work shine 

- Spotlight any project - 

- Share data and impact -

- Build a narrative -

 - Engage your readers -

- Inspire positive action -


Data Cloud

Web content

Stylish, optimised

online content that gets your story just right.  


Deliver a great

online experience

- Drive traffic to your site -

- Reduce bounce rates -

- Keep it navigable - 

- Make it memorable -

- Inspire action -

Laptop with open word document

Grant applications

Prepare and submit concept notes and applications with narrative style and

a professional finish.


Grant applications

that boost your chance of success

- Give your bid passion and personality -

- Make complex information accessible -

- Strengthen your overall case for support - 

- Make word counts work for you -

- Breath life into any application form -

- Be remembered -


Double-page brochure spread with infographics

Annual reviews

From concept to copy and final edit,

love finding creative

ways to share your impact.


 Annual reviews

that speak to your audience

- Refresh and revitalise traditional content -

- Boost readability and readership -

- Share key messages, challenges and success -

- Talk directly to your donors - 

- Let the voice of service users shine -

- Built trust and understanding  -

Calculator, data and research papers

Reports & technical pieces

Need to make complex information more accessible? I'm here to help

you hit the right note.


 Technical content

that's written to be read


- Expand and engage your audience -

- Find your voice and improve readability -

- Give your work a narrative flow -

- Educate, inform and inspire your readers -

Improve the chance of publication -

- Get your message out there -




How much does it cost?

Like any work of art, copywriting - good copywriting - is a process. It isn't just about delivering words. It is about working together to understand your vision, find your voice and share your story. That's why I develop bespoke quotes that are tailored to the needs of individual clients. Want to find out more?

Past Clients & Testimonials

"Great to see the copy,

a refreshing read that

gave me 'the feels".


"I am in awe of Jennifer’s skill, patience, curiosity, determination and drive. She made the whole process a breeze, taking the time to listen to us, understand our cause, and visualise our goals".


"It tells a story, it has the facts, it has a heart.

It's everything I dreamed".


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