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Words that work

Words are a powerful tool. Get them right and you can use them to educate, inform and inspire. They are your key. Your voice. The image you present to the world. It isn't easy. Especially when capacity is stretched, deadlines are looming and that blank page just won't write. 


That's where I come in. Senior fundraiser turned freelance copywriter, Written by Jen offers a personal, professional and ethically-minded solution. Whether your organisation needs written content, skills development or an event speaker, I will find the words that work for you.

"You are magical with your mind and eye.
I love what you are able to do with words."


How can I help?

I love writing words (good thing I'm a copywriter then) - but do you know what else I love? Helping other people find the joy, inspiration and words they need to share their story. That's why I don't just offer copywriting and content creation, I also offer training, presentations and one-to-one skills development.

Green Typewriter


From social media to op-eds, website copy, trust applications or an annual report, I'll find words that work for you.

Image by Aaron Burden

Skills development

Overcome the fear of the blank page and (re)discover your love of writing with
one-to-one coaching and support. 

Hand raised in a conference presentation

Speaking & Training

From conferences to full and half-day workshops, I'll tailor-make memorable content that informs and inspires.

South African neonatologist treating a newborn in an incubator

Did someone say 'Global Health'?

Great! With more than 10 years of experience in health and development - and an MSc in Global Health - I am proud to offer specialist expertise in this area.

Over the years, I have gained experience writing for a range of health-related organisations - big, small and institutional
I love learning and making information accessible, and am a particularly keen advocate for health system strengthening, human resources for health and specialist child healthcare (although this is by no means exclusive). 

Photo courtesy of the amazing team at the APFP

Clients & Testimonials

"Great to see the copy,

a refreshing read that

gave me 'the feels".


"I am in awe of Jennifer’s skill, patience, curiosity, determination and drive. She made the whole process a breeze, taking the time to listen to us, understand our cause, and visualise our goals".


"It tells a story, it has the facts, it has a heart.

It's everything I dreamed".


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